Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Dear Mom & Harry, Tuesday, Jun 22, 1943

The army had me cutting sod today. In the WPA manner I was herded into a truck with others and taken to a deserted farm on the outskirts of this camp. We weren’t forced to work hard and rested every half hour. My hands were blistered anyway before we finished at 4:45 pm. This was the hardest workday I’ve had outside of KP which was given me Sunday, the only free day a soldier has.

When I returned from sod cutting I found your telegram. I tried to call you but found it would take two or three hours to get through. I decided to send you a wire letting you know that it would be all right for you to visit me Saturday. Not sure when I’m leaving this camp but will probably be here through the weekend.

I’m not sure if you’re coming by automobile or train. I would check the gasoline situation this far east. Michigan Mutual could probably give you information. Two things to bring me when you come would be, Michigan Mutual book of maps of all the states and also two cans of Rexall’s foot powder. I hope I don’t have to wire you differently.

Lights out in the barracks.

Love Ed.

P.S. Received your box of Sanders’ candy yesterday. Thanks.

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