Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Below letter written by Harry Thomas

Thomas Mink Ranch of Detroit, Michigan 1944

December 18, 1944 Monday

Dear Ed:

Your description of your trip back in regard to the weather certainly would
not please the Southern Chamber of Commerce. For a difference of only 10
degrees, it would hardly be worth while to make a 900 mile trip. It would
seem that the only way to avoid the discomforts of winter would be to proeceed on for another 900 miles down to southern Florida.

Mention of your slight stomach-ache brought smiles to our faces since
both Isie and I experienced the same symptoms. Ours started just after
eating dinner; and although the ache was slight, we were still sick all
through the night and the next day. Our guess was that the particular
combination of foods we had to eat must have been the cause. Mom was
not affected, however, which makes it all the more puzzling.

Getting back to the weather again: during the last few days a cold
wave has hit Detroit, and the temperature has averaged about 16°. We
also had a 6-in. snowfall about a week ago, which on account of the cold
weather is still with us. It looks very much like a Wnite Chr-istmaB this

I wrote a letter to Gladfelter on December 11 telling him how many
mink we expected to take back with us next year. The following is the list
I gave Gladfelter:

1 male Black Cross
1 fem. " "
2 male Silver Sable
2 fem. Blacks
6 Male Silverblus
2 female " (Half-bloods)
18 female " (Pure)

I think I will pick them sometime in January. If we can get our
meet for 8 1/2¢ a pound delivered to us, I do not see too much trouble in
taking care of this number, provided that they do not play a dirty trick on us by having an average of 6 or 7.

The numbers above total 32 and with the three blacks we have here now
we will have 35 all told. This wi11 allow us to sell 1 or 2 male platinums
and about 3 or 4 female platinums if we can get some customers. Since
the pelts are expected to sell at about, $100 this year, I believe a price
of $250 for a male and $150 for a female would not be too high. For a bred
female I think the price should be about $250 with a guarantee of one male
kit. What do you think about these prices? On orders for black cross and
silver sable kits for next year, I guess we would have to wait until the
market reports on the pelts come in before we can set any definite price
on breeding stock. Have you had any idea on advertising in the fur
magazines as yet? You were going to send in your version of a 1/2 page
ad for the American Fur Breeder, as I recall.

In my next letter I will go into my ideas of the best way to mate
the mink and the possible results. We ought to have some news pretty
soon on how our half-blood pelts of last year sold. Until then I will

So long, Harry

P.S. The enclosed cards are to be passed out to prospective customers.

Tue. Dec 19 as the Battle of the Bulge continues U.S. 101st Airborne Division comes to Bastogne, Luxembourg which is occupied by Germany.

Thur. Dec 21 US Army forces are now in charge of the Ormoc Valley in the Philippines.

Fri. Dec 22 Brigadier . General Anthony C. McAuliffe says "Nuts" to surrending to German forces at Bastogne.

Mon. Dec. 25 is Christmas, and quite a busy one with WWII this year.

Wed. Dec. 27 The United States launch B-29s against Tokyo for the 5th time.

Christmas Dinner Menu - Memphis, Tenn. 1944

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