Edward J. Thomas - World War II

23 June l945

Memphis 15, Tenn

Dear Mom, Harry & Izzy:

This is Saturday morning and it won't be long before my afternoon off
comes along. I'll have to make this a short letter so that I'11 be able
to drop it in the email before I leave the office.

What I wanted to say right now is that I am sending a carton of Hersheys
to you which you may split among yourselves. The PX evidently is trying
to sell out its Hersheys very quickly before they are spoiled by the heat which is becoming worse every day. I didn't went to miss this chance of buying a carton because the price was 85¢ which makes it abort 3 1/2¢ per bar. I hope these Hersheys arrive in good condition. If they pass between here and Northern Kentucky without melting, I believe they will be all right
when you receive them.

A funny incident just occurred in the office while I was typing just
now. An office memo was circulated anong all tha fellows asking whether
they wish to remain in the service. Each one was requested to place a
"yes" or "no" after his name. Everybody was glad to have the opportunity
to say "no" except one. His name is Wright, the fellow I mentioned in
one of my letters to the Zimmerman family. I made my "no" very heavy
so that it would stand out prominently from the rest. Christy, however,
the oldest man in Quartermaster made his "no" thicker and darker than
mine. Thetefore, that probably means he is the one most anxious to get out
and I am second. How anybody can be more anxious to get out than I is beyond my imagination.

I still have a chance to go to Army Ground Forces Headquarters at
Washington, D.C. The sergeant man I know there wrote me that my work
would be typing a stencil of a daily memorandum and filing circulars,
bulletins and memos in biniers. This sounds sickening to me. Even if
Washington is such a good place to be, I sti11 think it isn't worth the
trouble to move and try to get settled down in a strange place and do
work that is very disagreeable to me, especially so late in the war when
I am thinking of a discharge.

Lunch hour is almosthere. I'll have to be leaving soon.

With love to all, Eddie

P.S. Mom,I received your letter and liked it very much. It had a nice surprise in it about the mink. Because my time is very short now, I am going to answer your letter the next time I write. I also received a letter from Stanley. You may like to read it; so I'll send a copy of it later on.

Izzy, are you having prints made of those negatives? I know it's yet too early to receive them, but the fellows here have been asking me just about when I could give it to them. Are you having the 4 sets made all at once or do you have to have each set made separately? If only one set at a time can be made, mail each set as soon as you receive it.

Harry, I hope you found the time to have my racket restrung. Do you think it will be ready soon? It really doeen't matter when I receive it, but the sooner it gets here the better. Thanks for the roll of transparent tape which I received about a week ago.

For your information, I an also sending a carton of Hersheys to Gertie.

FLASH! Wright has just told me he changed his "yes" to "no".

Tue. Jun 26 finds delegates in San Francisco as they sign the United nations Charter. 50 nations sign this historic Charter.

Sister Gertie Thanks Eddie for Hershey Bars

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