Leonard Tomaszewski ~ Coming Home to America!

(Wed) 18 Nov. 1945

Dear sweetheart,

Leonard on shipWe got through our Shakedown the officer was checking up to see if anyone had any ammunition. If anyone is caught with it they will be taken off the boat. Almost everyone is taking a revolver home with him. I'm taking no weapons of any kind. I don't want to see a gun the rest of my days. I only want a fishing pole, line & sinker to catch fish. Haha. This morning I went to a church service and 9 o'clock. It was a beautiful message I heard this morning. The next service I'll be in will be on a boat. The boat came in this morning honey we'll load up tonight or tomorrow morning. The officer said we would probably load in the morning. Will probably leave like the last bunch left. Around 7 o'clock. This is the last letter I'm writing to you sweetheart. I hope they don't disappoint us again. I sure have had enough of it already. Anyway the vote is in. The paper even announced its arrival here in Port. Paper said it was to leave today, but I won't leave till tomorrow. I'll be so glad to get on that boat honey. It's supposed to be a brand new boat. Boy honey once we get away from here, it won't be long and we'll be in the states. We have a beautiful day today. 1 minutes. Windy. The sun is shining beautifully. I packed my bag I feel good again. I hope the weather is nice back home yet. I'm going to spend my Thanksgiving Day on the water. According to the paper you're supposed to have a real good dinner. We'll see if we do. Maybe a turkey From the can yet. Haha. I don't care what they feed us when we're on our way home. It can be C rations, and I won't say a thing. I know it won't be long I'll be eating my darlings home cooking. I haven't had it for a long time.

That cream tomato will sure taste good. I'll probably take two or three helpings of it, I'll like it so well. I'll enjoy the green to, like lettuce, Exedra. I must I miss a lot of the first food like you used to give me darling. I'll be so happy to see you and maybe. Come to think of it tomorrow is Maryland's birthday 3 years ago since mommy brought her into the world, and daddy didn't even know till sister Shoemaker congratulates me. That's your surprise me and we had a little girl, which her mommy said she looked like a little chat. Hey hey. Darling you say the funniest things sometimes. I do hope and discharge out of the Army in less than three weeks from now. I'm pretty sure I'll be home for good with you and Marilyn for Christmas. I'll call you up on the phone as soon as we hit Norfolk, Virginia. Darling I long to hear your sweet voice, and to see you and Maryland. It will be fun to start life over again with you and baby. I long to put my arms around you sweetheart, and love you and kiss you. Take good care of yourself and Maryland, or it won't be long darling I'll say so long darling, tell I see you now. Hugs. Kisses. May God bless you and baby, and keep you in very good health. You're lovable anxious hubby. XXX

Side A - Tape of Leonard Tomaszewski - D-Day June 6, 1944 ( MP3)

Side B - Tape of Leonard Tomaszewski - D-Day June 6, 1944 ( MP3)

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