Leonard Tomaszewski ~ Letter to Marilyn - Belgium Dec. 9 1944

Belgium Dec 9, 1944 (Sat)

Leonard writes to Marilyn ~ 9 December 1944 From Belgium

...by yourself, well you do something for daddy. Try and make mommy as happy as you can while daddy is away will you? Mom told me she likes you very much. She wants you to have a baby brother or a sister. Daddy misses you honey. You and daddy could have so much fun together. While mommy is making something for us to eat you and me could sneak out and play peek-a-poo like we used to play. Remember? Oh, you and me could have lots of fun. Have you found any playmates in the new neighborhood, Marilyn. Daddy is always praying for you and mommy. Daddy wants Jesus to help you to help you to grow up to be a strong Christian for Jesus. Mommy said you are going to Sunday School now and that you are enjoying it now. Daddy is very happy to hear that and he is very proud of you. Do you still remember daddy, honey? Show mommy on the picture where is daddy? Go ahead show mommy, where is daddy? Oh I'm so happy you didn't forget. Tell mommy not to worry as Jesus is taking very good care of daddy. Tell mommy to keep praying with daddy & you too honey keep praying with daddy and you too honey keep praying that little prayer with mommy so Jesus will help us to have victory soon, so daddy and all the boys will come home soon. Be a good girl now and do what momma tells you. Good night honey. Kiss, smack, Daddy loves you honey. May God bless you and mommy and help Daddy to come home. With love from daddy.

Side A - Tape of Leonard Tomaszewski - D-Day June 6, 1944 ( MP3)

Side B - Tape of Leonard Tomaszewski - D-Day June 6, 1944 ( MP3)

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