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V-mail stands for Victory Mail. It is also the way soldiers and their families can send letters back and forth securely during the war. Kodak developed this process. Enlarging Reader V-MailV-mail is inspected for flaws on an enlarging "reader" at the Pentagon building, Washington, D.C. V-mail is available to and from the armed forces stationed outside the United States. It is just a fraction of the weight of ordinary mail and saves precious cargo space required for ordinary letters. 1,600 letters can be placed on a roll of film about the size of a pack of cigarettes. V-Mail Press

V-Mail Envelope

V-Mail Letter

Sat. Jun 10, 1944 (Four days after D-Day)

My Dear Sweetheart

I hope you haven't been worrying about me to mcuh because you didn't hear from me for a while. I'm somewhere in France now sweetheart. Everything is alright. Now whatever you do honey don't worry because I'm up here. Illl try and write whenevr I can. I haven't received mail from you for some time either. I'm sure I'll be getting em any day now. Tell me all about yourself and baby sweetheart. How are you and baby. Are you both well,and is everything alright at home? All I'm anxious to knowis how you and baby are, and how you are getting along. The Lord is taking very good care of your hubby darling.

Just keep praying and I'm sure I'll be home soon to be with you and baby. I can't write much, but I'm sure this letter will make you happy and knowing that evertyhing is alright. Take very good care of yoursef and baby. May God bless you and baby and help you in all your needs. I love you sweetheart and will always live true to you Kiss! With love and kisses.


Side A - Tape of Leonard Tomaszewski - D-Day June 6, 1944 ( MP3)

Side B - Tape of Leonard Tomaszewski - D-Day June 6, 1944 ( MP3)

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